Explanation of symbols

With ants

Attitude class
This symbol shows how difficult it is to keep an ant species. For example, factors can be a special climate or a special diet. If you are a newcomer, you should start with a "green" type .
In the description you will find information on the needs of the corresponding ant species.

Nest size
This symbol shows you which nest size this ant species needs at least. It is not about the basic dimensions of the nest itself, but about the size of the chambers and passages or the distance between the plates.
S = 7mm
M = 15mm
L = 20mm
XL = 30mm
You should always choose the right nest or one above it, but never below it.
For example, if your ant needs an M nest, you can choose either an M or L nest, but not an S or XL nest.

Some species require a very special nest, which is also indicated.

This symbol shows which food the ant needs.
From left to right this means:
- Proteins in the form of insects
- carbohydrates in the form of sugar
- Carbohydrates in the form of seeds / grains
- Leaves (only with leaf cutter ants)

This symbol warns of possible dangers that can occur with an ant species.
From left to right this means:

This ant species has a poisonous sting for defense. Please check with your doctor if you have an allergy to such stings (a bee allergy is not an indication of an "ant allergy").

Ready to break out
This species of ants is a master at breaking out. Provide appropriate formicarium and outbreak protection.

High growth / large colony
The colony of this ant species grows extremely quickly and / or becomes extremely large.

In the description of the respective ant species you will always find more precise information about any dangers.



For other products

Specifies the nest size for nests (size of the chambers and passages or plate spacing).
This product is 100% made in Austria.
 This product was manufactured using the 3D printing process.
Among other things, this product is made of bio-plastic (in most cases PLA).
PLA is fully compostable and leaves no residue.
This product is made entirely of bio-plastic (in most cases PLA).
PLA is fully compostable and leaves no residue.